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ShenZhen AnBaiJie Technology Co., Ltd. located in China Shenzhen Baoan, set fax systems, computer, network communications product sales, system integration and application development, Internet / Intranet solutions and information management services to high-tech companies. ShenZhen AnBaiJie Co., Ltd. Main Products has three major segments: fax systems, network equipment, computers and servers, and peripherals. One of fax systems have intelligent fax and network fax two, has been in the country in major, large-scale commercial use in the city, and has been widely used in government, finance, education, training, logistics, tourism, ticketing, manufacturing as well as other trades its application greatly enhance enterprise work efficiency, reduce operating costs, achieve a paperless office, mobile office. Security routers network equipment and hardware-based firewall is widely used in all walks of life and business divisions for safe single-point or multi-point Internet. Technology at the same time the entire space-time agent association, Dell and other computer brands, as well as EastFax fax server、
IBM and DELL servers、. "Break through the limitations of time and space to allow more flexibility in your office; reduce costs, improve efficiency, allow you to pay more of the Value!" ShenZhen AnBaiJie Technology Co., Ltd. dedication to serve you











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